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Saturday, 1 December 2012


summary on what we did in class today

Today we watched a movie called "First Knights".This movie connects with the books that we are reading and are pathways-it all centres around the Middle Ages. I believe Ms.lees wanted to let us watch a movie because it was Friday and also probably picked this movie because it was about what we are studying. Even though the movie didn't give us exact knowledge of the Middle ages, it still had some cool facts that could help us for future assignments.


From watching this movie i leaned facts about the middle ages and the different kinds of people that lived in that time. I believe we watched this movie to practise are note taking skills and to visually see what the middle ages looked like and what people did in this time. It was interesting to see what people did and how they dressed. way different from are era.

Homework reminders

Work on your genius hour projects- you need to get your peer reviews done ASAP! you should have already finished your novels, but if you haven't, that must be finished ASAP too! we also have the questions to do which will be posted on Ms.Lees blog. but how can we do them if we didn't finish the movie and are sub didn't tell us to take that many notes?

Homework tips

If you need any help with homework,you can go to Ms.Lees blog and post any questions that you have for her.