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Tuesday, 30 October 2012



In class the big that happened today was that we moved the desks around  and a couple of people moved seats. Also, the whole class started to learn about how to take notes. The people that hadn't finished writing their book pass had to finish it before doing the booklet that we received.Today, we also learned the difference between making your own notes and copying notes word for word.


I think what we did in class today was very good for us. One of the life skills that you need to live well is to learn how to take notes. A lot of people including myself have never really been taught how to properly take notes. The best way to remember things is to write it down and that is exactly what we're learning to do. You take notes the way you understand it and writing it in your own words is even better.


For the people that have equipment for genius hour tomorrow bring it.( Ipads, laptops, phones, ipods, etc...)

TIPS!!! ;)

Make sure to get permission with your parents if you can bring your electronics to school. Also be sure to keep them safe during the entire day.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Comment here what days you can post on the group blog.

October 29, 2012

What did we do in class today?

 Today in class, we partnered up with someone in class for a last check on Woodleighville response letters.
Our partner had to be different from the person we teamed up with before.To be honest, my partner and I did not have much to edit. Did anyone else have this problem too?
 Other than that, the people who were absent on Friday worked on reviewing books. Other people also had to do this because they didn't finish it last week. There were seven books, based on different periods of history.

Seriously, why did we do this?

 (Hey, don't speak to me in that tone of voice!)

 We did one last check on our response letters so that they would look polished and formal. You know what they say; always triple check before putting it on the deck! Before you hand in something, you should always check it just in case you missed a letter of did something incorrectly. Finishing up our reviews will help Mrs. Lees decide which book to read, so that hopefully you don't get to read a book that you dislike.

Connections to the world!

 Response letters are very common in the real world, as I have seen many in the newspaper. When you hear something that you think is unfair, you would probably write a response to whoever said that. Before you send anything important, I suggest that you double check it, just in case. For example, I just corrected something I wrote on this blog post! Silly me!

Oh, geez. Homework.

  •  Reply to the Woodleighville website. You can either copy and paste your letter, or create a link. 
  • If you aren't finished the book reviews, I suppose you could finish it at Flex time.
General tips and tricks!
  • If you are replying with a link, be sure to set it as public. I am writing this in bold.
  • Don't forget to dress blue for Five Days of Fire!
  • Seriously, double check your work. It will save you lots of time. 
Luigi's Mansion is the best game to play around Halloween. Mrs. Lees, if you are reading this, go buy a Gamecube and a copy of Luigi's Mansion. It's just that awesome.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Summary on what we did in class today!! :)

Summary on what we did in class today!!

Today in class, we had a selection of 7 books to read and we had to answer a few questions on the board for each book. Ms.Lees gave us instructions on what to do on the smart board and then set us free on working on are books while she was at a meeting. In a way, Ms.lees had to trust us because she wasn't in the room and she was trusting that we would stay on task and do are work instead of talking to are friends and being off task. Each group had 8 people so when you were done reading your book, you could pass it on to the next person or while they were writing there response, you could begin reading the book. Are job was too pick one of the books, say why you were interested in reading the book, then why you weren't interested in reading the book, give the book a rating on a scale of how much you wanted to read it and finally  your reading level on the book (too easy, fair-ok, challenging, very challenging). 

Why we did this

This is a good and easy way for Ms.Lees to see many things about are reading. 
1. she can see are reading ability
2. she can see what type of books we are interested in
3. how much time and dedication we put into are responses and if we actually read the first few pages of the book to get an understanding of it (if response meant her expectations, you would most likely get the book of your choice)
Also, she probably chose to do this in class today because this was an individual task and the steps were very straight forward. 


This was due at the end of class but if you didn't finish, you need to go in at lunch for flex. (hopefully you finished! If you didn't, then Ms.Lees knows you weren't on task!)


I think in class on Monday, or sometime on Monday we should all come together and figure out a schedule on who is blogging on what days. Therefore, we wont have to discuss who is blogging because we will all have are own days to blog!! Tell me if you think this is a good plan!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Some notes for you...

Good to see most are posting.
Somebody still needs to post for Friday.

Your learning logs are incomplete - please review criteria, look at samples from last year to see expectations (we did do this in class but it seems some of you need a refresher).

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What we did in class:
Today in the first block of class we did the planning and criteria for the letters we were doing to the grade 8’s in Australia. There is a new post on the Morris ward and Ms.Morris included names in the post. We used the Mac books and checked over a partner’s letter and added pictures, links, etc. to our letters. After break we started working on our genius hour project. Ms.Lees gave us back our project planning and gave us some feedback.  For the rest of the block we worked on our genius hour project with our groups.

Why we did it:
To see if we completed the homework correctly. We also made a criteria so it could help us with the letters in the future.

Homework: none

Read the new article in Morris Ward and try to follow the guidelines of the criteria and add things to your letter.

Summary on what we did in class today
          Today in class we got to use the laptops. During the first block of humanities we got into groups of two or three and proof read are responses to the one of the problems that recently happened in Woodleighville and correct any errors. During the second block of humanities we worked on are genius hour projects and reviewed are plan with Ms. Lees. We did this to get someone else’s opinion on your writing and get feedback on how you could improve
          There was no homework assigned for today.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012



Today in the library, we were continuing to learn about the fictional world known as Woodleighville. 
Ms. Lees showed us the e-mail sent by Ms. Morris that told us that Woodleighville would be opening up a new super-market called Woldi. Waldi would be a worldwide store over 375 across the globe (if it is a globe). The whole class discussed on the smart board about Woldi and all its features and deals to offer. Woldi says that it had all the lowest prices and that if someone could find a price lower than theirs, they would lower their price even more by 15%! After the class listened to Ms. Lees talk for a bit, everyone went on the computers and had to write a letter to Ms. Morris' class. We had the choice of writing about:
  1. Recovering from Cyclone Mike
  2. Rioting recovery
  3. Should we install CCTV cameras
  4. Do we want a WOLDI Superstore

The whole class learned a lot more about Woodleighville today and how our friends in Australia are doing. We also learned more about how the blogging is working and getting use to writing on our group blog everyday. While on the computers, we learned how to write letters to our friends in Australia. I think that this writing thing is a very good idea because a lot of people don't know how to write an actual letter. Everyone is starting to get use to using abbreviation and they don't know how to right a proper letter let alone an e-mail. 


Today for homework, everyone who was not finished their letters to our friends in Australia and save it on their google docts.

TIPS!!! ;)

Write your letters on Word first and then copy paste it to Blogger because there is a spell correction option in Word.

who is going to write for 2day?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Oct. 22, 2012

What did we do in class today?

 Today in Humanities, our class discussed about a problematic town called Woodleighville. This lovely town has suffered from a cyclone, numerous riots, backlash from the citizens, and a lot more. Luckily, this pretty town is also fictional, created by a grade eight class in Australia. We also handed in our short story work, which I will list down here because I am just like that.
  • Story questions and emotions for "The Open Window"
  • Plot diagram for any of the the short stories that we have not read in class
  • Foreshadowing for "August Heat"
  • Think-Alouds for "August Heat", original copy and revised copy

Why in the world did we do all this things?

 Did you notice that many of the fictional problems that occurred in Woodleighville are very similar to the real events that have happened locally? In a way, we are making connections to the Vancouver riots and the demolishing of Zellers. This way, we can relate to these events and give good feedback to the people of Woodleighville. Oh, and we handed in our short story work because that way, the teacher can mark them.

Connections to the real world!

 As I have said in the last paragraph, the problems of Woodleighville are very similar to the problems we have in Surrey and also in Vancouver. We had a riot, we had a riot. Some of the citizens opposed the idea of having a large superstore, as some of us would dislike having a Target here.

What's for homework again?

Read up on current Woodleighville events here. Think about the topics the people are discussing, and prepare a letter to the editors.


Tips to succeed!

-Compare the events of Woodleighville to the event that have happened here.
-Use your agenda. or Ms. Lees will be angry at you am i right guys 

 My super top secret ways to succeed in life!

-Sleep at a good time and don't forget to wear clean underwear. 
-When buying barbecue pork, always ask for the one with the least fat.  
i talked to mrs.lee's today and she said that i'm a egg

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Space Jump

When I first heard of the space jump I thought “wow did someone actually do that.”After watching the video I thought that it was amazing how brave he was. If I were in his place I would have never even gone up there because it has a lot of risks. If he somehow did not land safely it would have been tragic. Red bull was sponsoring the whole jump and I thought that was crazy and ironic because the commercial always says “red bull gives you wings.”  At first he seemed to be hesitant and I totally see why he would be since he is jumping 39 meters and breaking the sound barrier. I’m glad that he landed safely and I think that it’s cool that he broke the record for highest free fall and the fastest speed of free fall. In conclusion I think that Felix Baumgartner was extremely brave and inspiring.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Space Jump
Today in class we watched the space jump by Felix Baumgartner it was so amazing to see a person fall a thousand kilometers per hour. When I saw Felix Baumgartner jump from that capsule I could tell he was scared just from his slight actions like thinking about disconnecting from the initial oxygen tank. It takes someone with a lot of courage to do anything that no one has done before. There were so many things that could have gone wrong from a tear in his suit to running out of oxygen. This jump must of took a lot of planning and it was not only Felix’s efforts that made this jump possible. Overall this jump was spectacular and very impressive.

Skydiving... Or should I say Spacediving?





     So yeah, today we saw some videos about this man who jumped off the edge of space. I remember seeing some information about it on the news, and thinking, "Wow. That's high." The view from inside the closed pod is very interesting. It's like you're looking at falling snow through your cabin window. You know, if he really did burst and explode, that would be unpleasant for the people down there. Most people would probably think, he's crazy, but I think it's a perfectly normal thing for such a daredevil to do. When he finally reached the ground, I bet he was like, "Guess who didn't go splat today? Me."

Space Jump Response

       All I have to say to that is "Wow!"  Personally, I could never even think about doing sky diving, but to free fall from the edge of the earth is just incredible! Right before the man jumped, I could see his fear and I know he was thinking about how this could be the last thing he ever did. If one thing went wrong in this test, he could have died (his body would have bursted). There are many things that could have gone wrong such as his oxygen could of ran out, he could of suffocated and many more things.

       When the man finally stepped foot off the platform, I could feel my heart racing as I watched him fall from space. When he started tumbling threw the air, I got worried because he was jumping at a very high altitude and his suit could of torn from all the air pressure and impact!! He was traveling more than 1000 km per hour! That is 10x more than a speed of a race car. Also, when they showed clips of the poeple monitoring everything that was going on, I could feel the tension in the room because everyone was silent- no one was saying a word. When the man finally let out his parachute, I felt a sigh of relief.  Finally, when the man landed, I saw his two feet running across the ground and him dropping down to his knees and probably saying to himself, "I did it!"

Space Jump

Scared of heights? imagine jumping from outer space and having the slightest chance of your parachute not working or breaking. Felix Baumgartner is a fearless man doing what seemed to be the impossible. Also apparently jumping from high places was a hobby of his. Some people would give their left ar to NOT jump and this guy does it for fun.Everybody expected him to blow up into a million pieces but he didn't care about the nay sayers. He closed his eyes, jumped and thought to himself YOLO!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Welcome to DemMangoes!

I have nothing to say here, so basically this is just a test post!