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Monday, 27 May 2013

Definiton Poem

The _____,
So bright
but it leaves
so soon,
then appears
again after
the darkness
ends, and warms
 us with  it's
comforting heat

Definition Poem

What is a _______?

It takes no shape or form,
And can only be seen by you.

It lives a short life.
Alive at night,
Dead in the morning

Filled with everything that we could ever want
or ever hope for.

It is a place where our imagination can run free
But also a place for our darkest of thoughts.

It can be filled with happiness and joy
But also worry and fear.


What is a _______?

Sometimes we don't understand,
The things we see that lay right in front of us,
Sometimes it's hard to spell,
And we can bring it to show and tell,
Every person needs this kind of skill,
It's like your taking a daily pill.
From the beginning,
To climbing the highest mountain,
You conquer....
The final truth.

Definition Poem

The ____

I am a shell for the living
I sometimes cover a hard surfcae
I hide embaressment
I am in many sizes
I can be any colour
sometimes another shell would cover me
I do advertisement

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Definition Poem

Used by many, even men
like a snake it wraps around bends

Carries important freight like no big deal
buy them in threes, quite a deal

Without it, many cannot walk
an often taboo subject to talk

Yet it is used every day
in the drawers it may lay

With it, there is guarantee
your figure will be quite shapely

Did you realize what I am?
Then please be as mature as you possibly can.

it's a bra


Student Vote Reflections

Unlike a ton of countries, our country has the privilege of voting for our leader. For several years now only people that are 18 and over were eligible to vote, now they are giving children like us to vote and see what we had to say. However there is a reason why there was a restriction about the age, it waw there because most kids would vote for a random candidate and move on with their lives. I guarantee you that 2 out of 3 kids voted randomly because they didn't know what they were doing at all. Checking off a random name with not a care in the world. However I do think it was a intelligent decision to not count the votes.

Another topic I would like to bring to your attention is: is 18 years of age old enough? Will most students be mature enough to vote like a proper citizen? This is another good reason why they should prepare us young and let us vote now while we are still youthful. You might think that you will be like your parents sophisticated and intelligent when you are 18 however when you think about it, 18 years old is only 4 years away from grade 8. Now, think again, will you be mature enough?

Change, a word that a lot of people hate. This is why the same party wins several times in a row and it's not randomized. People are scared of what might happen and do not want to take risks. And I understand why, they see that life is good and if they change that, something terrible might happen; also they would have to live that way for 4 entire years. However that never gives the opportunity for others to make a difference.  Also sometimes when someone promises something, a lot of the time they are lying and have different plans in mind. This might be frightening and you might not want to go through this but you might be surprised with what you find.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Student Vote Reflection

                Who will you be voting for in the upcoming election?  With four parties in are riding to vote for it can be hard to figure out which party fits with your beliefs on how BC should be ran.
            Personally I think that the Liberal party has the best intentions for are provinces future, here are a few reasons why I think this. The Liberals are for balancing the budget and paying off all of BC’s dept which they plan to have balance in 15 years if you vote for them.  Another reason is that the Liberals are focused on buildings BC’s economy by focusing on small business and by supporting the businesses more jobs will open up for the people. The Liberals being more business oriented will help grow business in BC like they want to sell are liquefied natural gas to Asia which will boost are economy.

Also the liberals are more conservative with are money not like the NDP who plans to give out extra services which will only delay the time it will take for BC to be dept  free.The Liberals also support education by giving each student 1200 dollars to help pay for their education. With more student being educated better the businesses can get the workers they need. Also the Liberals are trying to get a 10 year agreement with the teachers to improve education by not having any union strikes for 10 years.

In conclusion I believe that the Liberals are the best choice for BC at this time. With planing to balanced the budget in 15 years and growing business in British Columbia which will give are people jobs that will let them stay in BC and not make them look for work else where. I Hope that when you go to vote that you looked all of your options and vote for the party that you think will build the best goverment for British Columbia

Should Voting be a Mandatory?

Voting is a great privilege that we have.  Voting can be great because you finally get to have a say in the government, and forming the government is very important because they will be running the province for the next 4 years. So should everyone have to vote? Well personally I think that people don’t have to but they can choose to vote. We all have the right to vote at 18 years of age but having a right doesn't mean that you should get fined if you don’t.

People might not have the time to vote. Everyone has a busy work schedule and I don’t think that anyone has the time to read through a whole party’s platform, they’re like 100 pages long.  So the only information that you can get is from the media but it is mostly consisted of negative campaigns and you just get all confused of whom to vote for. 

 Imagine its voting day and you’re headed to a booth to vote and you have your ballot in front of you. You know that you've seen these names before on signs on the street so you just randomly pick one not knowing their platform or campaign promises. You then put your ballot in the ballot box, now you've voted and won’t get fined. The next day you find out that the party you voted for won. 1 year later the province realizes that the party can’t and don’t know how to run a province. Seeing poverty rates going up and the economy crashing, is that really worth not getting fined?

Voting is a right and a privilege but not a law. People that want to vote and have a say in government issues can go ahead and vote. For people that don’t want to or don’t have time to shouldn't be forced into doing anything and making them pay a fine could be a big mistake. 

Media Elections

Some people believe having negative campaigns should be illegal. I strongly disagree with this idea because the point of an election is to make your party look good and tell us why we should vote for you and not other parties. Just talking about the pros of your party will not benefit you as much as comparing yourself to other parties. Bringing down others will show the public why you are so great and will gear them closer to voting for you. This link shows the NDP talking about the Cons of the Liberals and then after them saying how they would fix everything that the Liberals have done. After watching this video, wouldn't you favor the NDP’s over the Liberals?
I believe the media should remain neutral during elections. If they say they prefer this campaign over another and why, it could push the public to vote for them. Media should be talking about elections the way its is, not giving in there own opinions. Surprisingly, the way a reporter talks about a candidate can ruin their chances of winning. Also, many people believe the media should talk about the candidates as accurately as possible! If they are changing the story of what really if going on, the parties could suffer and not win.

In conclusion, I believe the media plays a huge role in elections. If the news is talking about one campaign more than the others, then the public is gonna know more about them. All media should talk about each campaign equally and should navigate away from giving opinions or extending a story more than it really is. It shouldn't be the media's fault that a certain campaign loses from the way they talked about them. Another key point for news reporters is to watch there tone when they are talking about different parties. If they are talking proud about one campaign and another they are talking more quietly, the you obviously know which campaign he/ she prefers. It doesn't only take them to say it to apply their opinions.

News report about Election:

Elections Response

5. Reflect on the analysis of your CBC vote compass results. Share some of them in your post.

Consider - did the results surprise you, were any contradictory, do you think the vote compass has helped you to figure out who you might vote for — explain....

 These were the results after I took the CBC vote compass. As shown, my ideals were related the most to the NDP and Green Party. This did not surprise me at all, because I am interested about the sustaining the environment  However, I have not done any previous research about the parties, so I would study a bit more before voting.

    Right now, I would vote for the NDP, because I do not remember a time when they were in power. The Green Party has most of its plans geared towards the environment but there are also many problems with education, poverty, etc. That is why I would probably side with the NDP, because their plans are more varied. The vote compass greatly helped me to decide who to vote for. I am not up-to-date with politics, so this filled me in on more recent info.

   (After elections night)
    It was revealed that the Liberals won the election. However, Student Vote (which lets students partake in voting) voted majorly for the NDP. This is interesting because the results are wildly different. Many people said that the NDP would win, but the Liberals won by a lot. However, I would still vote for the NDP!