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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Elections Response

5. Reflect on the analysis of your CBC vote compass results. Share some of them in your post.

Consider - did the results surprise you, were any contradictory, do you think the vote compass has helped you to figure out who you might vote for — explain....

 These were the results after I took the CBC vote compass. As shown, my ideals were related the most to the NDP and Green Party. This did not surprise me at all, because I am interested about the sustaining the environment  However, I have not done any previous research about the parties, so I would study a bit more before voting.

    Right now, I would vote for the NDP, because I do not remember a time when they were in power. The Green Party has most of its plans geared towards the environment but there are also many problems with education, poverty, etc. That is why I would probably side with the NDP, because their plans are more varied. The vote compass greatly helped me to decide who to vote for. I am not up-to-date with politics, so this filled me in on more recent info.

   (After elections night)
    It was revealed that the Liberals won the election. However, Student Vote (which lets students partake in voting) voted majorly for the NDP. This is interesting because the results are wildly different. Many people said that the NDP would win, but the Liberals won by a lot. However, I would still vote for the NDP!

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  1. U loved how you added in pictures to enhance your post! It's good that your showing proof of your knowledge! I also agree with voting with NDP because the liberals have out us in so much debt an the NDP are actually helping us get out! This is a very good post :)