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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Media Elections

Some people believe having negative campaigns should be illegal. I strongly disagree with this idea because the point of an election is to make your party look good and tell us why we should vote for you and not other parties. Just talking about the pros of your party will not benefit you as much as comparing yourself to other parties. Bringing down others will show the public why you are so great and will gear them closer to voting for you. This link shows the NDP talking about the Cons of the Liberals and then after them saying how they would fix everything that the Liberals have done. After watching this video, wouldn't you favor the NDP’s over the Liberals?
I believe the media should remain neutral during elections. If they say they prefer this campaign over another and why, it could push the public to vote for them. Media should be talking about elections the way its is, not giving in there own opinions. Surprisingly, the way a reporter talks about a candidate can ruin their chances of winning. Also, many people believe the media should talk about the candidates as accurately as possible! If they are changing the story of what really if going on, the parties could suffer and not win.

In conclusion, I believe the media plays a huge role in elections. If the news is talking about one campaign more than the others, then the public is gonna know more about them. All media should talk about each campaign equally and should navigate away from giving opinions or extending a story more than it really is. It shouldn't be the media's fault that a certain campaign loses from the way they talked about them. Another key point for news reporters is to watch there tone when they are talking about different parties. If they are talking proud about one campaign and another they are talking more quietly, the you obviously know which campaign he/ she prefers. It doesn't only take them to say it to apply their opinions.

News report about Election:

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