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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Student Vote Reflection

                Who will you be voting for in the upcoming election?  With four parties in are riding to vote for it can be hard to figure out which party fits with your beliefs on how BC should be ran.
            Personally I think that the Liberal party has the best intentions for are provinces future, here are a few reasons why I think this. The Liberals are for balancing the budget and paying off all of BC’s dept which they plan to have balance in 15 years if you vote for them.  Another reason is that the Liberals are focused on buildings BC’s economy by focusing on small business and by supporting the businesses more jobs will open up for the people. The Liberals being more business oriented will help grow business in BC like they want to sell are liquefied natural gas to Asia which will boost are economy.

Also the liberals are more conservative with are money not like the NDP who plans to give out extra services which will only delay the time it will take for BC to be dept  free.The Liberals also support education by giving each student 1200 dollars to help pay for their education. With more student being educated better the businesses can get the workers they need. Also the Liberals are trying to get a 10 year agreement with the teachers to improve education by not having any union strikes for 10 years.

In conclusion I believe that the Liberals are the best choice for BC at this time. With planing to balanced the budget in 15 years and growing business in British Columbia which will give are people jobs that will let them stay in BC and not make them look for work else where. I Hope that when you go to vote that you looked all of your options and vote for the party that you think will build the best goverment for British Columbia

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  1. Good job writing and it's good that you shared your opinion but i don't think you should be brining dan other parties like NDP because some people might get offended