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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Should Voting be a Mandatory?

Voting is a great privilege that we have.  Voting can be great because you finally get to have a say in the government, and forming the government is very important because they will be running the province for the next 4 years. So should everyone have to vote? Well personally I think that people don’t have to but they can choose to vote. We all have the right to vote at 18 years of age but having a right doesn't mean that you should get fined if you don’t.

People might not have the time to vote. Everyone has a busy work schedule and I don’t think that anyone has the time to read through a whole party’s platform, they’re like 100 pages long.  So the only information that you can get is from the media but it is mostly consisted of negative campaigns and you just get all confused of whom to vote for. 

 Imagine its voting day and you’re headed to a booth to vote and you have your ballot in front of you. You know that you've seen these names before on signs on the street so you just randomly pick one not knowing their platform or campaign promises. You then put your ballot in the ballot box, now you've voted and won’t get fined. The next day you find out that the party you voted for won. 1 year later the province realizes that the party can’t and don’t know how to run a province. Seeing poverty rates going up and the economy crashing, is that really worth not getting fined?

Voting is a right and a privilege but not a law. People that want to vote and have a say in government issues can go ahead and vote. For people that don’t want to or don’t have time to shouldn't be forced into doing anything and making them pay a fine could be a big mistake. 


  1. Hello, Anisa! I agree with your views on mandatory voting. Most people are not familiar with the parties, so they would vote blindly. That is not a good thing. Your tone is fine, however you should keep it as formal as possible. Try not to add in "like". Also, don't forget to indent! This is a very good post!

    1. I agree we should do mandatory voting! Your tone in your writing starts off good but then gets a little off! Try to keep your writing more formal! Voting blinding is not good! Overall this a good post and your writing is very persuasive!

  2. Good job and I liked how you highlighted some words and specified your thinking. I also like how you think from both perspective. However, you kind of go off topic when you talk about not having time.
    all in all good job