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Friday, 15 March 2013

No Red Pill No Blue Pill!!!

Hi my name is Eddy and I would like to give you some feedback and your magnificent peace of work here.

First of all, I would just like to inform you that learning that learning IS a delightful, warm, easy, fuzzy experience. It is just like a speech, if you don’t have the audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds, they will fall asleep and totally ignore you. The way that you present something is key. Instead of the teacher saying “okay kids it’s time for math!”. Maybe a teacher could say it more excited with a good way to introduce it such as ” okay kids before we start I would just like to know who here loves money”? Kids love money and when you tell them that math is related to the one thing that they love, they might get pulled in by it.
Another way to motivate kids into learning is setting a goal for them. For example, while in class you could give out candy or a special chair to the student that works the hardest or does really well in class or behaves the best. This way everyone will strive to get that awesome prize.

 If you are wondering about the time after the student gets the special chair or candy there is a solution to this madness. Another way to get kids motivated for school is to hand out tickets to students that do things well. At the end of the day you would call out a ticket and the student with that ticket wins a chocolate bar or a magic pencil! This way students will have to behave the entire day to get more tickets and a better chance at the chocolate bar.

Finally, if You are the one that needs motivation, then just keep thinking over and over in your head that you are helping the future generation become better men and women. Or if this doesn’t work you can always keep coffee at your desk.

Thank you!

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  1. I liked how you first explained what the article was about in case someone who reads this hasent read the article. Also I agree with your feedback and liked how you gave examples to motivate kids.