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Friday, 14 June 2013

Motivation By Tony Gurr- Response

In Humanities we read a very interesting blog post about Motivation written by Tony Gurr. Tony's post is very different and unique. Instead of just relying on words to tell his message he used more visuals than actual words. The pictures were very informative and made his message even stronger. The first couple of pictures were a bit confusing, especially the one with the" cyborg" face that says "I'm back... therefore I am.", which I didn't think was very necessary. Some of the things that he says doesn't exactly make sense to me, for example "Hey…do not shoot the “postman”! I'm pretty sure that it was a joke, but I just didn't really get it (Sorry Tony).

I completely agree to Tony's perspective and advice. Basically he is saying that teachers should listen more to the students and give them a "voice" to do what they want and not just what the teacher wants. Also giving students tests doesn't make them learn more, for students, tests are just short term memories and we just forget about the subject after the tests. If us students have the three R's (responsibility , respect & reality) we can definitely learn more and be more motivated to learn which can lead both students and teachers to success.
I really liked this picture.

I personally love all of the quotes that he puts in his pictures. It makes his message stronger and the quotes are so...poetic. I definitely loved all the pictures and they made his post even more interesting. Tony did a really great job at showing his message and he is really great at giving advice. 

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  1. Anisa,

    No worries at all - humour is sometimes a bit difficult, esp. if we do not have a "relationship". In many of my posts, I try to run a mini-series (like a TV show)...try taking a look at all the posts in this series:

    I have to admit I do not really write these posts for kids and young adults - this is why some of the themes or jokes might not always make sense. That having been said - I do blog for those who are interested in EDUcational THUNKing (and myself, too)...and you seem interested, yes?

    The thing with the "Terminator" was a joke - I took a few months off blogging to finish a book recently (one or two people "missed" my posts - not sure why) ;-)

    TY for the kind words about the post and despite what I noted above, I'm glad to got the "main message". I enjoy making all the helps me express the "kid" inside me (younger people are so much more visual than we older folks).

    I like what you said about "advice" - and as I said (in the post) I think it's important to listen to children and young adults. So, if you are up to it, would you want to do another posts (as a comment on my posts) giving TEACHers some advice...from the student-eye-view? I think many TEACHers would love to read stuff like that.

    One again, thank you for taking the time to reply...take care.