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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Response to post on Motivation

                On Wednesday we read a blog post about Motivation. The post was written by Tony Gurr. He is a teacher from turkey. His blog is about learning in more effective ways for example making the work that a student does relevant to them and make them want to learn about it. The post that we read was about Motivation.
                This post was not your average blog post with multiple paragraphs, a few images and the author giving their opinion on a topic. Instead Tony had a different way of blogging. In his posts he used more graphics and visuals than a usual blog post. This made his posts more visually appealing and kept the reader’s attention. Tony’s blog post were not just more appealing to the eye than other blog posts but he makes the reader ask questions. These questions make the reader think for themselves about what they were reading and not just reading words that just go in one ear and out the other.
                I feel that anybody who reads this post from teachers to students will get something out of this. This post is related to teachers and student because it talks about how teachers have to make the students want to learn and not just tell them to and how students have to be self-motivated learns to really learn be able to learn well.

                Tony’s post was a good change to the posts that we usually read. It was very visually appealing and made me ask myself questions.  I felt that what Tony was talking about was actually relevant to me and that I could take something away from reading this and use it to make myself a better learner. 


  1. Andrew,

    I can see you have a very analytic mind - brilliant!

    So, if you had to "sum up" the post in 12 words...what would those words be? No, this is not a TEST...OK, maybe it is ;-)

    It's always good to get positive feedback on the work we do...but it's equally important to LEARN from more critical feedback - always.

    So, if I could do THREE things to get you to come to my blog more often, what would those things be? Yani, how could I improve my THREE different ways ;-)

    Also, if you are interested, would you be willing to come to my blog and give some advice (esp. to new TEACHers) on how we could improve the LEARNing of our students in (and out of) class?

    Looking forward to your "thunks" ;-)


  2. What things will you take away to become a better learner.