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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tony Gurr - Responce to Post

Wednesday in Humanities, we looked at a post that was written by Tony Gurr. The post was about motivation and instead of doing a multi- paragraph post, he went in a more visual route. He had very little words with a picture. He didn't need to say much for us to understand what was going on in each picture. Some of them were hard to understand, but when I was able to figure it out, I totally agreed and got exactly what he was trying to say. I love this way of posting and the kind of style he brought to it. It was a nice "twist" to blogging.

Having a twist to your writing is always a good thing. It's what makes your writing unique! If I had a multipara graph blog in front of me and a visual blog, i would defiantly be more appealed to the visual blog because it grabbed my attention. Its something different. The main reason that I liked Tony`s post was because he used little words with a picture also having words in it. He started off with a sentence on top, then a picture and then he finished the picture with another sentence. This was a good idea because if you didn't understand the sentences, the pictures could tell you what its about. It defiantly enhanced Tony's post!

Another reason why I loved Tony's post is because it was relatable to the real world. Both teachers and students could relate to each picture posted and he also gave some really good advice. For example:

 3 things from 30 years

This picture can relate to both students and teachers. I defiantly agree that if the student doesn't like his/her teacher, they wont learn as much apposed to a teacher they do like. Also, giving your students a voice is very important as well. If we don't give them are own opinion on things, then how will the teacher know if we understand what she is trying to teach us? Giving to much voice is not a good thing, but having no voice at all is worse. This picture is my favorite post by Tony.

Overall, I think Tony Gurr's post on Motivation is an unique post because you don't see allot of post like his on very many blogs. From seeing this post, i have been inspired to do one like this next year. Its creative, unique and defiantly an eye catcher. It will also be a challenge for me because it must be hard to come up with a powerful message in only a few sentences. Its a challenge, but I'm up for it!

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  1. Olivia,

    LOVE your attitude..."I'm up for it"!

    Are that case...up for giving my TEACHers and co-BLOGgers some advice on how they can improve the quality of student engagement at SCHool...perhaps, by giving them some of your "thunks" about what (really) motivates "kids" and young adults...on my blog this time!

    For example:

    What is it that STOPs children from LEARNing in class?

    How can we, as TEACHers, make sure we create the right kind of "climate" for student LEARNing...a climate that promotes LEARNacy?

    A couple of your friends say that LEARNacy is not a "real" word...Mmmmm...I wonder ;-) Take a look at these:

    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 01)
    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 02)
    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 03)
    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 04)
    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 05)
    LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Postscript)

    Oh, dear...the hot links are not coming thru (I am not that familiar with Blogger (I used WordPress)...sorry...try this link:

    Anyways, would love to see YOUR "thunks"...on my blog...this time ;-)

    Take care,