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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Motivation Post - Response

This is a response to Mr. Gurr's post about Motivation

   First of all, I detested his writing style with a burning passion. He made some unrelated comments:
  • Go on…disagree with my favourite rahmetli hocam – I dare you!
  • No, you cannot watch another movie for 2 hours…Zeynep!
  • Honest – look at that face of mine…you could buy a second-hand car from me!
His writing was nothing short of informal, and he put unimportant words in bold. 
Like this and kinda like that! I also think the sizes of the graphics was unneeded. 

One more thing: His graphics were really... meh. They were just pictures he took off the internet and put words on them. I think only half of the pictures were sourced. It makes me unhappy when people don't source their pictures.

    However, I did agree with his opinions on learning. He spoke about how teachers cannot motivate their students, but rather teachers should try to inspire motivation within their students so they want to learn.  Also, he believed in the notion that students should become their own teachers, much like our Genius Hour. All in all, I agree with most of what he said.


  1. Thank you Alayna,

    BTW...what a lovely name! I have never heard that before. What does it mean? Does it have a meaning, "acaba" (yes, use Google Translate...and Turkish)?

    Your feedback is most welcome...all feedback is useful, if reflected on carefully and acted upon. I think perhaps all of us need to think about how we give feedback to others from time to time - especially when we do not know somebody very well. Do you think that perhaps some of your earlier comments might (just maybe) be considered a little "strong" - esp. now we are co-bloggers?

    You also have some strong views about blog layout and graphics - this is good to see. However, it is also important to consider "audience" and "purpose" on a blog like mine. Why do you think that I might adopt a more "informal" style, for example? Who do you think will read a blog like mine (mostly) - and how do you think (or "thunk") that this might impact how I present my ideas? Indeed, why do you thunk I do what I do (look at a few other posts, too)?Thunk about it and let me know ;-) I'd love to hear your views...

    You are right to focus on how people use (or "misuse") graphics in their blog posts. I always try to source the images I use (when I do not "buy" them from commercial sources) - but then, even I do not always get it 100% right ;-) I will try to fix that. I have already made a couple of changes to the post - I hope you like them ;-)

    I like that you agree with my views on LEARNing and LEARNers - and this is the most important point for me. I am even happier to see that your TEACHers are walking-the-talk that we TEACHers tend to go on about..."Genius Hour" is a great idea ;-)

    Take care...


    1. Hello, thank you for responding to my post! I'm quite honoured! Looking back, I understand that I was harsh with my words. I apologize for that.
      Thank you for using my suggestions to fix your post. I wish you luck in your future blogging efforts!