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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Tony Gurr's blog was very unique and different from the average blog. The bridge between our type of blogs and his is that he has more pictures than words which I think is much better. I think I speak for many students when I say that visual things are much better than words. It is much easier to visualize that's why it is called a visual. If a student read a story, they will not get as much out of it as much as if there were pictures because it helps them to picture what is going on in their head.

Another good piece of feedback that I noticed is that he uses good puns and uses words in a different way that you wouldn't expect especially from someone of his age. An example would be
                                                                         Motivation (and fishing)

Teachers have to give what the students want, not what they want. This way they will be able to pay attention and focus and learn more. To catch a fish you have to put a worm on the hook not a sirloin steak.

The right kind of picture is also important because some pictures have the nicest background but has more words than a textbook and that will also put students to sleep. This is what Tony also does very well. He chooses his pictures wisely because most people when looking at blog they would only be interested in the first 1 or 2 pictures. If it rocks they keep going and if it stinks they would go back to Facebook.

Now that I have seen this type of blogging, I think i=I will incorporate it in my own blogs such as my own motivation blog.

Thanks Tony

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  1. Eddy,

    My apologies for being know, guys of "my age", we just "forget" stuff ;-) No, shiriously - I thought I had got you a reply...I'm trying to reply to everyone and we old folk...just get confused about stuff ;-)

    OK - enough of the jokes. I really like the way you approached your critique...but you did not give me much to improve. I mean...most of LEARN (really LEARN) from feedback...and "failing" (I use this word in its most positive of senses). If I could change three improve the blog, would you advise me?

    I'm not sure if you have looked at other posts on the blog...but I did another one very recently:

    Now, considering the terrible things that have been happening in my "adopted home" (canım Türkiyem) might have watched Colbert last week ;-) ...WHY do you thunk I would do such a post? Do you think I am right to do this...or should I have written an "angry birds" -type post and called people on to the streets.

    Yes, I know this is a big "ask" - and a bit different to some of the questions I have been asking your classmates...but I2d like to hear YOUR voice...on that ONE ;-)

    Let me know ;-) Take care...