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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Digital Life Response

The video that the history teacher made was telling us the impact of technology. It is true that in our generation we heavily rely on our electronics and that we would be lost without them.
 Digital life has changed everyone’s life, nowadays everyone is joined into social media and are always trying to see what they’re friends are doing or trying to grab many people’s attention on Facebook or twitter, for example people post the most random of photos or they post at least 2 photos a day on Instagram. Instead of using books to research we always rely on Google and Wikipedia for all the answers. Kids are using IPads and even phones which were supposed to be a privilege when we got older but now everyone has it and it seems normal. Also most of their toys are kind of like robots because they can talk back to you and walk; when I was little I don’t remember having any of those things. Our grammar skills has also deteriorated since we started texting, everything we text is always simplified and we’re so used to it that it affects how we write and sometimes how we speak.

The second video which was “video killed the radio star” by the Buggles which I thought was about the advance in technology which became more popular making us forget about the old technology. It made me think that technology is advancing everyday and what is already made today is only the first step, there could be newer and better things being made and people will always want what is best. I thought that both videos were really interesting and made me think a lot about the technology today.

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