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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


What is art? To me, it’s a form of expression. What are video games? Engaging and expressive, and pretty fun, to boot. But video games? As art? It’s not as far as a stretch as you’d think.
Hi, my name is Alayna and I like video games as much as the next person. I want to try and clear the reputation of video games being considered violent and “mind-numbing”. How might one do this? Start thinking of ways video games could be portrayed as art. Surely some games out there must have a hidden meaning, an underlying theme, or just fantastic art and music.

So, first off, could video games be considered art? Well, why can't it? Games can tell a story just as good as a book. And even better. What other form of storytelling puts you in the environment walking around talking to others, making decisions for yourself? Movies can't do that. Paintings don't even move. On the topic of painting, do paintings provide a challenge in any way? Movies, books, even. In this way video games provide a sense of entertainment no other form of media can express.
When you complete a level for the first time, you feel so joyful. When you struggle on that one part, the frustration builds up. That feeling of pain and happiness really can't be felt in any movie or book. Well, I guess you could get a papercut. That would hurt.

So yes, video games can be called art. But who's going to take the rein? Be a shining example of how video games can express so much?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
To Cave Story.

It is a game that took a single person over five years to complete. Most games have hundreds of people working on it.Yet, it’s a great example of how games can tell a wonderful story.
I will try and keep all its secrets hidden for you to explore.
First off, the story. When you start the game up, you’re just a little boy stuck in a cave without any sense of where you are. Then it gradually unfolds into a large, mysterious plot with multiple endings. Yes, multiple endings. No book- or movie- or painting can do that.
The music, as told by the creator, were “Notes stuck together until it sounded good”. It’s very good. And catchy, at that.
Oh, and the challenge? There’s a challenge, all right.
The best part? It's for free.

So, can video games be called art? Yes. I have given an example and lots of proof. Hopefully, you too can pick up a game and start playing.Start gaming today.


  1. I really liked your topic and examples. The proof that you said really made me think and i loved your example of the game cave story. I've never played it but it sounds really fun. Your words seemed to flow and i can't wait to hear you present it!

  2. Your speech is really good and your topic is excellent. However, one of the things that I would change is the beginning of your second paragraph. I don't think your name has anything to do with the topic and it might take the attention away from your speech.