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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Speech Draft

Eddy Leung
Humanities 8
“I like smiling, smiling’s my Favorite”

How many of you have watched the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell? And do you know what his favorite thing to do is? It's smiling! Every opportunity he gets, he smiles because smiling benefits him and the people around him. Right now you might ask “how could smiling be good for me?” Well to name a few, when you smile it increases your health by lowering your blood pressure and stress and more, it's also natural drug by giving you serotonin and endorphins and pain killers , and smiling makes you better looking. Also, smiling doesn’t only affect you, but the people around you. Smiling is contagious, when you smile people around you want to smile because it’s a natural instinct and you know what happens when someone smiles, they get all the benefits along with it. It’s a win win situation.

At this point of my speech you all should be smiling right now and if you’re just putting on a fake smile just so you can get all of the amazing benefits, it’s not going to work. Putting on a fake smile can be worse than putting on a poker face. It has been proven that if you put on a fake
smile, you end up gloomier than ever You know how when you go to Starbucks and the employees greet you with a “how do you do” and a cheerful smile? You think they are smiling because they love seeing customers? No, they are smiling because their boss told them to and at the end of the day it just kills their mood. Also, if you make a fake smile while you’re already upset, it can result in more harmful things. However women suffer from this way more than men do because Mother Nature made us in the way that women are more emotionally expressive than men.

This is why I am telling you to smile and follow Buddy the Elf’s ways, to smile any time you can. If you need a reminder, write one on your hand, leave a sticky note on your forehead, do whatever it takes even if you have to dress up like an elf. Because as One Direction once said "that's what makes you beautiful"

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  1. First of I found your topic very interesting and I liked you made people look at one of the basic things that we do and think about it in a different way. I also like how you had statistics to back up your points. I thought that your speech was a little to short and I wanted to hear more. Overall I thought the speech was great and I can't wait to hear it in class.