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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Digital Life Response

This clip has brought many thoughts to mind. As she says during the entire video, Digital Life has changed who we are which is true. Everybody texts and calls and face times, back in the day, you had to talk to them face to face. We are pathetic. We have adapted to electronics, we have relied on them for our daily work. When we need an answer there is Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo and unlimited amount of resources. Resource after Resource that we all talk for granted.

Laziness is the thing that kills us the most. And electronics aren't helping. Although it is making our lives better and easier, we are letting it take over our lives. It has even taken away our grammar. Using slang such as "sux" and "gr8" and the most common one of all " LOL". These are all very neat things and are very useful, however they are making us soulless. We can use electronics but use it cautiously and respect them.

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