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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

If students Designed Their Own School

When I looked at the title of this video, my first thought was that it wasn't a very good idea. Especially since it's an entire semester. Our class did something similar to this but we only did it for about a month. Al though it would be much easier for the teachers to get paid and do nothing, the students will have to teach themselves the courses that they had to take. such as the Sciences, Art, the Orientation, and the Collective Endeavor. Teachers are hired for one reason, to teach the students to become smarter in a certain profession. Even though there is advanced technology right now, not all of the answers are online. That's is why teachers are there to help them, not mentor and coach them. Also, the students think that it is a good idea if there is no report cards, no tests, no quizzes. If there are no grades, how are you going to know how much you improved. Also, without any tests, students will think they can slack off and pass the course by doing nothing. This is why I think this project is not a very good idea and a very big gamble as Principal Marianne Young also stated.

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