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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Space Jump Response

       All I have to say to that is "Wow!"  Personally, I could never even think about doing sky diving, but to free fall from the edge of the earth is just incredible! Right before the man jumped, I could see his fear and I know he was thinking about how this could be the last thing he ever did. If one thing went wrong in this test, he could have died (his body would have bursted). There are many things that could have gone wrong such as his oxygen could of ran out, he could of suffocated and many more things.

       When the man finally stepped foot off the platform, I could feel my heart racing as I watched him fall from space. When he started tumbling threw the air, I got worried because he was jumping at a very high altitude and his suit could of torn from all the air pressure and impact!! He was traveling more than 1000 km per hour! That is 10x more than a speed of a race car. Also, when they showed clips of the poeple monitoring everything that was going on, I could feel the tension in the room because everyone was silent- no one was saying a word. When the man finally let out his parachute, I felt a sigh of relief.  Finally, when the man landed, I saw his two feet running across the ground and him dropping down to his knees and probably saying to himself, "I did it!"

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  1. Olivia, this is a good start to your blogging. I really enjoyed the "play by play" tone of your second paragraph. It almost sounds as if you could be the news reporter. However your opening paragraph has a different tone - perhaps try to make them more consistent. Or was this intentional? I think you were trying to give the reader background information as to the risk Felix was taking and that is a good idea. Perhaps expanding on these details with the facts or articles / sources linked would have made it more effective, if this was your intention. It just seems a little brief to serve this purpose, again, if that was your intention?
    Reminders: write in a word program, spell and grammar check and then copy and paste into your post. You have a few repeated errors that would have been caught (eg. could of)