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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Summary on what we did in class today!! :)

Summary on what we did in class today!!

Today in class, we had a selection of 7 books to read and we had to answer a few questions on the board for each book. Ms.Lees gave us instructions on what to do on the smart board and then set us free on working on are books while she was at a meeting. In a way, Ms.lees had to trust us because she wasn't in the room and she was trusting that we would stay on task and do are work instead of talking to are friends and being off task. Each group had 8 people so when you were done reading your book, you could pass it on to the next person or while they were writing there response, you could begin reading the book. Are job was too pick one of the books, say why you were interested in reading the book, then why you weren't interested in reading the book, give the book a rating on a scale of how much you wanted to read it and finally  your reading level on the book (too easy, fair-ok, challenging, very challenging). 

Why we did this

This is a good and easy way for Ms.Lees to see many things about are reading. 
1. she can see are reading ability
2. she can see what type of books we are interested in
3. how much time and dedication we put into are responses and if we actually read the first few pages of the book to get an understanding of it (if response meant her expectations, you would most likely get the book of your choice)
Also, she probably chose to do this in class today because this was an individual task and the steps were very straight forward. 


This was due at the end of class but if you didn't finish, you need to go in at lunch for flex. (hopefully you finished! If you didn't, then Ms.Lees knows you weren't on task!)


I think in class on Monday, or sometime on Monday we should all come together and figure out a schedule on who is blogging on what days. Therefore, we wont have to discuss who is blogging because we will all have are own days to blog!! Tell me if you think this is a good plan!

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