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Monday, 29 October 2012

October 29, 2012

What did we do in class today?

 Today in class, we partnered up with someone in class for a last check on Woodleighville response letters.
Our partner had to be different from the person we teamed up with before.To be honest, my partner and I did not have much to edit. Did anyone else have this problem too?
 Other than that, the people who were absent on Friday worked on reviewing books. Other people also had to do this because they didn't finish it last week. There were seven books, based on different periods of history.

Seriously, why did we do this?

 (Hey, don't speak to me in that tone of voice!)

 We did one last check on our response letters so that they would look polished and formal. You know what they say; always triple check before putting it on the deck! Before you hand in something, you should always check it just in case you missed a letter of did something incorrectly. Finishing up our reviews will help Mrs. Lees decide which book to read, so that hopefully you don't get to read a book that you dislike.

Connections to the world!

 Response letters are very common in the real world, as I have seen many in the newspaper. When you hear something that you think is unfair, you would probably write a response to whoever said that. Before you send anything important, I suggest that you double check it, just in case. For example, I just corrected something I wrote on this blog post! Silly me!

Oh, geez. Homework.

  •  Reply to the Woodleighville website. You can either copy and paste your letter, or create a link. 
  • If you aren't finished the book reviews, I suppose you could finish it at Flex time.
General tips and tricks!
  • If you are replying with a link, be sure to set it as public. I am writing this in bold.
  • Don't forget to dress blue for Five Days of Fire!
  • Seriously, double check your work. It will save you lots of time. 
Luigi's Mansion is the best game to play around Halloween. Mrs. Lees, if you are reading this, go buy a Gamecube and a copy of Luigi's Mansion. It's just that awesome.

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