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Monday, 22 October 2012

Oct. 22, 2012

What did we do in class today?

 Today in Humanities, our class discussed about a problematic town called Woodleighville. This lovely town has suffered from a cyclone, numerous riots, backlash from the citizens, and a lot more. Luckily, this pretty town is also fictional, created by a grade eight class in Australia. We also handed in our short story work, which I will list down here because I am just like that.
  • Story questions and emotions for "The Open Window"
  • Plot diagram for any of the the short stories that we have not read in class
  • Foreshadowing for "August Heat"
  • Think-Alouds for "August Heat", original copy and revised copy

Why in the world did we do all this things?

 Did you notice that many of the fictional problems that occurred in Woodleighville are very similar to the real events that have happened locally? In a way, we are making connections to the Vancouver riots and the demolishing of Zellers. This way, we can relate to these events and give good feedback to the people of Woodleighville. Oh, and we handed in our short story work because that way, the teacher can mark them.

Connections to the real world!

 As I have said in the last paragraph, the problems of Woodleighville are very similar to the problems we have in Surrey and also in Vancouver. We had a riot, we had a riot. Some of the citizens opposed the idea of having a large superstore, as some of us would dislike having a Target here.

What's for homework again?

Read up on current Woodleighville events here. Think about the topics the people are discussing, and prepare a letter to the editors.


Tips to succeed!

-Compare the events of Woodleighville to the event that have happened here.
-Use your agenda. or Ms. Lees will be angry at you am i right guys 

 My super top secret ways to succeed in life!

-Sleep at a good time and don't forget to wear clean underwear. 
-When buying barbecue pork, always ask for the one with the least fat.  

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