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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Critique and Feedback

                 For the weekend, we were told to watch a video on giving critique and its benefits. How strange it is, that I have to give critique on it now!
          This video is about a child who receives critique from his fellow classmates and builds on it. In the beginning, he is told to draw a detailed picture of a butterfly. His first try looked a little bit like this:
 But, with lots of critique and drafts, it turns out very well. Something along the lines of this.

(Pictures are not accurate nor drawn to scale)

This shows us how helpful critique can be in improving your work.

     Critique, to me, is the most important thing to receive. If you can take critique (which can be very difficult to do), then it can help you a lot in your work. For example, artists have to be able to take critique to improve their drawings and art. If they rejected all critique they got, then they would improve very slowly, or not at all. Especially in this time and age, where opinions run amok, people have to be as ready as ever to take critique. It can be hard to give critique, since it can be taken as a negative remark. That's why critique is difficult to take. We can teach how to give and receive critique at an early age, so that children can improve later on in life. That was what the video tried to explain, I think.

     I like to draw. Improving on my art can be very hard by myself. That's why critique is so important to me. Critique can tell me where to improve or what to add. To be honest, I don't get critique very often. More like once every blue moon. I've noticed on art websites, such as DeviantArt, that many people can't even take critique. They disregard it as a insult or negative comment. These artists usually don't improve at all. I just like to think of it as "tough love". :)

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