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Monday, 11 March 2013

No Red Pill .No Blue Pill

Message of post: The author that wrote this post must of observed students lacking motivation and had a personal connection to this piece of writing. She may of walked around her classroom and saw students having no motivation in themselves when they were doing work. It would've been as simple as throwing a ball outside while they were at recess. The students had no motivation. By some students showing this, other kids reacted and it started having an affect on them. If kids don't have motivation now, then they won't achieve much in the long run. The author was basically saying, teachers can only teach you so much education; but once you leave your classroom, it's up to you too push yourself to achieve more and to learn more.

Who was the message directed to: This message was mostly directed to students who lack motivation in themselves. But, it was also directed towards teachers and adults. Kids look up to adults, and if they have no motivation in themselves, how are children supposed to push themselves to achieve things in life? The adults and educators need to show children how important education is and if they push themselves, they will achieve lots of things in life. Students and teachers both have equal responsibilities. students look up to adults and surprisingly, adults look up to children. If the adult sees the child motivating themselves, then he/she will want to be better and will push themselves to show the children more ways of learning.

Writing style: I enjoyed how she started off the piece as almost a poem. It definitely was an attention grabber which made me want to read further. Having short and long sentences made the piece very powerful and she also had excellent word choice! I didn't like how she put many pictures on this post. I found that it drew away from the concept of the piece. Having a few pictures is OK, but 5-6 gets to be too much. People would be trying to connect the pictures to the writing instead of deeply reading the post. Overall, i found it was well written and presented in a good format.


  1. You wrote a lot and explained the article well. The one thing i would suggest you do is not make it sound like it's in point form at the beginning and write a sentence instead. I completely agree with your opinion and your point of view. It was a great post!

  2. Hey Olivia,

    This was very well explained and extremely informative. I liked how you sort of added titles to each of your paragraphs. Try not to write too much in your paragraphs though because it could lead to listing.