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Sunday, 3 March 2013

If Students Designed Their Own School Response

In class we watched a video about a school that has a class where the students have the freedom to work on projects that they are passionate about. For a whole semester the students work on different projects, there’s the weekly projects, independent project and group projects. The class has no quizzes, tests or grades so the students make the learning materials and teach themselves. It sounds a lot like genius hour but this school lets them have a lot more freedom. I didn't really think this was a good idea because I thought that they were having too much freedom. They could be losing a lot of learning from the curriculum which they could be using in the future. It probably doesn't even feel like school since they have a whole semester to work on whatever they want. There are also some advantages though that you can’t always learn in a classroom, they get to improve their collaboration skills and they can learn to stay on task since all their friends are counting on him. It was a very interesting video.

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  1. I agree with you when you talk about how students can lose allot of learning from the curriculum! Try not to have run-on sentences and be repetitive in words! Overall a great response!