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Monday, 11 March 2013

"No Red Pill, No Blue Pill" Response

In the article “No Red Pill, No Blue Pill” it talked about how a student’s motivation is the key to learning and a teachers inspiration to teach, but it is harder when you have unmotivated students. I enjoyed reading the article and I thought that it was very well written. It had a lot of really fascinating pictures, but the first picture kind of scared me at first and the picture with the penguins also left me confused. The whole article really flowed due to its poetic style and it definitely captured your attention throughout the whole thing with all the quotes and the visuals.

I definitely agree with the ideas expressed. I believe that everyone has been in a situation where they weren't motivated at all and lost interest along the way, it can impact their learning and could also make a teacher feel discouraged because of their behavior. A willingness to learn is the key to learning.

 Learning something new and accepting change can be hard for both students and teachers but we all have to adapt one way or another, and it is true that if you are passionate about it your chances of success are far greater than ones of someone that mopes around all day just waiting for it to end.

Motivation and passion is the key to learning and this article is a great way to represent it, it makes people think more about their behavior and how it can affect other people. It was definitely a great read and very fascinating.


  1. First off, I really love how easy to understand your response is! I also agree with your statement on how it is like being unmotivated. You should remember to indent your paragraphs and giving some more personal examples would help make better connections. All in all, this is very good and it catches my attention!

  2. I'll start off saying that I really liked your response. I would have liked to seen your take on this article not just explaining what it was about. Overall I thought that you explained what the article was about well.