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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Response to No Red Pill No Blue

Today in class Ms.Lees showed us this article called No Red Pill No Blue Pill. This article was about motivating students and what teachers can do. First off I thought that it was very well written and very interesting. I also like that you linked some of the words that people not know about to help them understand better. The pictures that were added to the article helped keep my attention while I was reading and I thought that they were very interesting.

 The article made a good point about that learning is a team effort both the teacher and the student have to do their job to help the student learn. Like how a teacher can open a door to learning but the student has to chose to go through it.Also that teachers can as hard as they can to motivate a student but in the end the student must want to learn to succeed. Overall this was a very interesting article to read and I like the different way of writing.


  1. Hi Andrew, let's try to expand on this-review the criteria and expectations on the lass blog. Remember we are working on our multi-paragraph writing skills.

  2. This is a good start! You need to give some examples so that the readers can make a connection. The sentences are run-on. They should be either shortened or chopped. Commas are helpful, too! Instead of "First off I thought", it could be "First off, I thought." This makes it flow easier. This response was very clear!

  3. Hey Andrew,
    This is a good post and I like how you add flavour in you writing! There are a few run-on sentences and remember ms.Lees wanted multi- paragraph! Good job!

  4. Hey Andrew,

    Thisis a good piece of writing. I liked how even though it was a hort piece, it was very intriguing. However I think you could improve it by making a it a tad longer.