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Monday, 11 March 2013

No Pills Here

    The process of learning changes, varies, and twists every single day. This is very much shown in the method of Digital Learning. These days, using technology is essential for school.

   But, where is the motivation? The motivation to learn?

   In this article "No Red Pill No Blue Pill", a teacher thinks about the inspiration to learn, the unknown fields of digital literacy, and the ever changing way of learning. She speaks about her upcoming class, where no one wants to learn the ways of digital literacy. She reflects upon the inspiration teachers must give to their students in order to learn. The meaning behind the title is that learning is not black or white. It isn't " Do this or do that". Learning is much more complicated than that. The willingness to learn, the ways to learning, and the reflections of learning are very important.

   The writing style, I think, took away from the meaning. I think it could've been better if it was conveyed in a more formal tone. If she could've told us what she was trying to say straightforward, I would understand it easier. However, I thought the ending was very good. It referred back to the beginning, which was very powerful.

   It is truly a difficult journey of learning and teaching. The rewards shine just as bright as the struggles, for struggling can teach you how to improve. The term "Digital Literacy" will be more known to others, and that is my wish.

The motivation is there; you just need to find it.


  1. Hello Alayna,
    You have great word choice in your writing! I like how you include flavour in your writing! It makes the piece more interesting. I agree with you when you say that it is a difficult learning journey. This is relating back to high school and elementary school kids.
    Try to go more into detail when you talk about each section. Making personal connections will help enhance your writing! Overall good job!

  2. Great post Alayna! I really liked how you added some links to the video and it's also very interesting. I sugest next time yoi add more detail to make you post longer and more informative. I agree with your opinion 100% and i really enjoyed reading your post!