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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Genius Hour Progress

Genius hour topic:
Cameras; how do they work?
When people use digital cameras they would usually focus more on the picture than the tool they use. We take technology for granted. Lots of people just think of cameras as point and click, but i want to know the technology behind it all. I want to show people the technology that is in the camera and how much it has developed through the years. I will be making a slideshow and a timeline to go with it to show the history and development. I will be comparing the best model of camera in 2012 to the first camera ever invented in the fifth century B.C.
Why i chose it:
I chose this topic because i have always wondered how cameras are capable of capturing pictures and how it functions. I also want to see how developed the digital cameras have become since it was first invented.

As of right now i am finished my slideshow for my presentation. I am currently writing a speech for it and afterwards I will get my project peer checked by my classmates. I will probably be able to present maybe in a week.
Do my intentions seem clear
Is it interesting?
Should i add more detail?
Does my topic appeal to you?
Do you think my presentation will be 5-10 minutes long?

Hope to get some feedback soon!

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