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Monday, 19 November 2012

what we did in class today :)

Summary on what we did in class today

   Today in class we intentionally started working on what graphic organisers were. But then we came to a halt. Ms.Lees asked us what a proper sentence is and we all didn't know or wasn't sure about are answer. So for the rest of the class, she taught us what a proper sentence was step by step. we divided are paper into sections to say what each word in sentence was (pro-noun,noun,ad verb,verb,adjective). Each word has its own meaning and its own job in the sentence. For example: an adjective descirbes the action word ( the spotted dog ran slowly) spotted would be your adjective because its describing what kind of dog it is. Then to get more into depth, she showed us a video called "School House Rock." It has many songs describing what each word does in the sentence. I believe its a good way of teaching us what the words mean cause i still have the ad-verb son stuck in my head!


  Ms.lees did this lesson today to teach us what a proper sentence is. If we don't know what proper sentences are, we will never get better in a are writing. I never actually knew what each word meant in the sentence until today. sure, i did it in elementary school, but not this much into detail. This lesson really helps with placement of words and tells you what each word means.


  Make sure you are responding to are friends in woodleighville and check Ms.Lees blog for the HACE challenge! Also, be sure that your reading your books, be finished by the end of this week.

Homework tips

******where you place a word in the sentence depends on its definition!****


I ran the meeting today.

I ran home after school.

Ran is spelt the same but it has two different meanings.

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