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Monday, 5 November 2012

November 5th, 2012

What did we do in class today?

   For the first half of the block, we discussed our novels. Since all our novels were based on (or written in) older times, we brainstormed the things we could learn from historical fiction. Ms. Lees also showed us a program called "Inspiration" , used to create graphic organizers. I remember using something like that, except it was called "Kidspiration". Pretty punny, huh? The second half of the block, we filled out a group blog form so that the teacher could see our progress. Laptops were being used for filling out the form. But just to be clear, the forms were on paper.

Why did we do all this stuff?

  Let me answer this question with a few other questions. When you read a novel, do you feel like you're learning something? Whether the answer is yes or no, writing down what you think you'll learn is good for predictions, connections, think-alouds, and many more of the like. Filling out a form to keep you on track? What other method would be as convenient to follow your blogging progress? If you have a better way, tell me in the comments!


Filling out the group blog form reminded me of writing up the proposal for Genius Hour. I suppose it looked similar to the sample proposal by that student. Predictions are everywhere in life, from the lottery to political elections (wink, wink). It should come as no surprise that they also come up in school as well.

  • Finish notes for chapter one of Pathways.
  • Complete the group blog form.
  • Genius Hour, if you have any kind of work for that.

Tips and tricks! Tricks and tips!

(Sorry, I like being enthusiastic)

Come in for flex when you need help, or to catch up on work. 
Work out a blog order, because that is really important.
When you feel depressed, just remember that milk is made from liquid grass.

Everyone on tumblr seems to hate Mitt Romney. That's not nice!

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