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Thursday, 1 November 2012

October 31,2012

What we did:
Today in the first block of class we worked on our genius hour project. We got to use the Macbook pros and the IPad  Ms. Lees posted the genius hour timeline and reminder on the class blog. In the second block we continued working on the note-making assignment until class ended.

Why we did it:
Ms. Lees made us the reminder and timeline for genius hour so that we know what’s expected and so that we don’t cram all the work to the last second

We are taking notes because it can help us in the future and that we can learn other types of note taking that is fast and efficient for future use in any classes

work on genius hour

Work on genius hour even if we aren't in class so that you can get more work completed. Remember to log your genius hour’s project process. 

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