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Tuesday, 13 November 2012



Today in class we checked on all of our group blogs and saw what kind of writing we were doing on them. Later on, we went to the computer lab to physically check the blog and to see if we were doing well. My group (Demangoes) was doing alright. On average, we were about a 3 so we weren't doing too good. After the class had a chance to look at their blogs, Mrs. Lees let us go into partners to fill out a sheet that she gave us. The sheet had the numbers 1-5 written on it and we were suppose to write next to the number what we thought was reasonable marking. 5 being tremendously awesome and 1 being atrocious. At the end of the day all of the sheet were to be filled in and handed in in exchange for the HACE assignment for November.


Today wasn't a very educational day for learning because we were just reviewing our blogs. However, I think knowing what is a 5 is very good so that you know how to write your blog. Knowing what is bad to write is good as well because it shows not only the good but the bad too. 5 was writing very descriptively and efficiently. It is also writing with voice and creativity. A 5 would need about 5-9 sentences for the first 3 topics and 3 sentences for the last 2. A 1 would be writing with abbreviations and vagueness. Also hardly writing anything, about 5 sentences for the whole post. Also, It is not only about how much you write but about how well you write.


Today I just found out that we had to write a paragraph about connections so I am not too familiar with this however I will do my best. I think the reason Mrs. Lees is telling us about our writing is because that she sees something's wrong with it. If it were perfect she wouldn't have to tell us right? Also, when Mrs. Lees tells us what we are doing wrong, it's as if she's giving instructions on how to get an "A" in humanities. On the upper hand though, the class is getting use to writing regularly and checking their blogs now.


Tomorrow make sure to bring in all of your electronics for genius hour . However, make sure to ask your parents first. The other that was given out was the HACE assignment. The HACE assignment is in no way connected to your humanities mark but is due on the 30th of November. You can hand it in by:

- Putting it in the HACE folder by the P.E office.
- Putting it on your own blog.
-Sending it to Mrs. Cladwell

TIPS!!! ;)

When you are bringing your electronics to school make sure to hide it and at all times keep it secure. Either keep it with you during the whole day or keep it in your locker and make sure to tell your locker partner. P.E lockers are not safe. Do not keep your electronics in those lockers they are easily broken into.

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