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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nov. 14,2012

What we did today:

Today we had a double block. We used the Macbook laptops and worked on our genius hour project. Some of the groups went down to the library to work on their project and most of us have started working on our slideshows,videos , etc. for their presentation. Ms.lees walked around to check that we were on track with our projects.

Why we did it:

We worked on our projects so that we can have enough time to finish and present it before we start another project.

The project helps us with our collaboration and presentation skills that we can use in the future.

There is no homework today but we should keep on working on our genius hour projects so we can present before winter break.

Remember to get peer review before you present it and check thegenius hour project timeline and process reminders and follow the process

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