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Saturday, 3 November 2012

What we did in class! :)

Summary of what we did in class today

Today in class we checked if we got are responses from the Morris Ward students. Sadly we haven't received them yet but they should be coming in very soon! If you want to check if you've received your responses  they should be posting them under where you've replied to them. we also learned how to do a style of note taking called Cornell  you split your page into three sections. On one side of the t-chart the title is main ideas and  on the other side, the title is details. You also divide up the bottom but make sure the details side is wider than the main idea side. After we finished learning about Cornell  we worked on are pathways assignment again. If you haven’t finished the pathways you have to go to flex on Monday to finish the assignment because we aren't aloud to take the pathways home. Finally, at the very end of class, Ms.Lees gave us our novel that we are gonna be reading. Hope you got the book you wanted!

Why we did this

I believe we did this so when we do take notes in class, all are work is organized  Also, we need to know different strategies of note taking for different things we do. if you make a list, then your notes are all over the place and you cant see which ideas are connected.


If you didn't finish your pathways, go to flex on Monday to finish. The notes were supposed to be taken on pages 9-20 with outline notes, page 21-30 webbed notes and page 31 Cornell style.


When taking notes, don't copy word for word. Try putting it into your own words and use abbreviations and symbols. but make sure you can read it! Your notes are for you to read and no one else!

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