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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November 20th, 2012

What did we do in class today?

  Today in class, we decided on what made a good web. A web is a graphic organizer that branches out from one main idea. It looks like this:

 We were divided into five groups and given sample webs to analyze. If the web was cluttered, hard-to-read, or just plain messy, we'd give it a letter mark of C. If a web was beautiful, colour-coded, and neat, then an A or A+ would be given. Then, we put our marks on the whiteboard for all to see. If someone strongly  disagreed with our mark, they'd put a red sticker on it. If they really agreed with our mark, then a green sticker it was! We haven't finished up all the groups yet, so I suppose it will be done tomorrow.

Why did we do this?

  The fact that our groups were randomized and different meant that there would be some conflicting opinions. I really didn't agree with some of my classmate's opinions. But, this way we would understand how to work with any kind of person or idea. Putting our marks on the whiteboard was a great idea. We could see how other people thought about our mark. This way we realized that not everyone agrees with you.


 Getting someone's opinion on your project improves your ideas and topics. Also, Ms. Lees said that these webs would be related to our novels in some way. I wonder how? Webs are a good way to display information; I've used them a lot in elementary school.


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Tips & Tricks

Check up on the Morris Ward blog to check if your letter has been responded to.
On an unrelated note, please give any empty  4L milk jugs to Ms. Lees.

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